Nega Shine

Nega-Shine, the leader of the Nega-Girlz.

The Nega Girlz
are the Wubb Girlz' worst enemies. They were created by Dr. Eggman, sent to the Wubb Girlz to capture them. Most likely, He sent them after the music group because he actually had a crush on Shine, Glitter and Sprinkles. Normally, the Nega Girlz were meant to be protagonists. Although, the Nega Girlz betrayed him* and decided to destroy the Wubb Girlz, Wubb Poniez, and Wubb Lionessez. They mainly betrayed him for his stupidity and his dumb idea that had to do with the Wubb Girlz.
*In Wubb Girlz' Musical Mysteries, they didn't betray himEdit

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